Causes of Vulvar Varicosities (Vaginal Varicose Veins)

Vulvar Varicosities Causes and Treatments

By: EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply

What Causes Vulvar Varicosities (Varicose Veins of the Vulva and Vagina) ?

Vulvar varicosities, also known as vulvar varicose veins or varicose veins of the vagina and/or vaginal region, occur most often among women who are pregnant and those who have recently given birth.

V2 SupporterAccording to a Mark Whiteley, a vascular surgeon for The Whiteley Clinic (United Kingdom) approximately 20% of women who schedule appointments to have varicose veins in the legs treated also suffer from vaginal varicose veins, or vulvar varicosities.  Dr. Whiteley believes that part of the reason this figure is so high is that many doctors are not even aware of the condition which he believes to be the underlying cause in many if not most cases, a condition called “Pelvic Congestion Syndrome”.

That said, given the location of the problem coupled with the fact that it is an embarrassing topic for women to discuss – even with their doctors – it often goes unnoticed and therefore undiagnosed.

There are two traditionally effective mechanisms for treating varicose veins: a procedure known as sclerotherapy, and a far less invasive procedure known as “compression therapy”. In women who are pregnant, the latter of these two options is considered to be the only viable option as far as treatment goes until such time as the woman has given birth, or the women is no longer pregnant.

Compression therapy as it relates to vulvar varicosities involves the use of a compressive undergarment that is designed to be worn over the affected area, delivering targeted compression to the source of the pain and irritation. The world’s premiere compressive undergarment designed to treat vaginal varicose veins is known as the V2 Supporter.

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The V2 Supporter is available to women throughout the world, and is manufactured and ships from the United States. EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply is the web’s leading resource for compression therapy products designed to treat vulvar varicosities, and the company has helped bring relief to women all across the globe by making the V2 Supporter available to women everywhere and anywhere ladies have access to a phone or internet connection, and have sold this particular product to women residing in every inhabited continent across the entire globe.

The symptoms of vulvar varicosities are most severe during menstruation in instances when Vulvar Varicositiesthe woman is not pregnant. Sclerotherapy is considered a viable treatment option in women who are not pregnant. However, with regard to women who are in fact pregnant, compression therapy alone is widely accepted as the best mechanism of action for effectively treating the condition and bringing about relief to the mom-to-be suffering from the large, bulging, swollen veins developing in the very worst of all possible places.

Interestingly enough, for a relatively common condition afflicting a wide swatch of the pregnant population as well as countless others who are not pregnant, there are few alternative products available on the market by way of compression therapy, and those which do exist are widely considered to be vastly inferior to that available at EGAN Medical.