EGAN Medical Closes “Shoes and Footwear” Category

Shoes and Footwear Goes Bye-Bye

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply has made the difficult decision to close down one of the company’s original categories dating back to the original launch of back in late April of 2011. The Shoes and Footwear category at EGAN Medical is officially no more, effective August 21, 2014 at approximately noon central time.

Pediatric Cast Shoe

The company issued a statement citing heavy overlap with other categories, namely the Diabetic Socks, Other Medical Supplies and Miscellaneous categories reason for the Shoes and Footwear’s removal from the official EGAN Medical product catalog. A shift toward maternity supports, braces, belts and cradles was cited as a secondary reason for the slimming down of EGAN Medical’s category structure.

The Shoes and Footwear category was home to such items as pediatric cast shoes, diabetic socks, certain ankle braces encompassing portions of the foot, elastic shoelaces, extended shoehorns as well as a handful of other products. The products housed in the category will still be available to EGAN Medical customers through one or more of the other categories mentioned above.

If customers have trouble locating any of the products from the Shoes and Footwear category, there is always the Local Site Search, located in the upper-right corner of the site. While not restricted to any specific local geographic area as the name may suggest, this search engine only searches the category and product pages at, helping customers find whatever it is they’re looking for quickly and easily and without the hassle of a bulky navigation consisting upon categories and subcategories piled atop one another.

As always, customers who for any reason do not find what they are looking for are encouraged to email EGAN Medical at

EGAN Medical Phones Working Again

EGAN Medical would like to announce that after a brief phone outage during which we had to receive customer service phone calls via a temporary phone number, all of our traditional lines are once again fully functional!

Customers may once again reach us at our main service line at 985-635-4875 with questions about products and sizing, or to place an order by phone.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we were working diligently to resolve the issue preventing us from receiving calls via our long-time customer service phone line. Again, we are pleased to announce that all phones are once again fully operational, and our main website has been updated to reflect this resolution.

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply

During the temporary outage, we were able to secure an alternative phone line, and we updated our site to reflect that our main lines were down and for customers to please call our the temporary line. Even during instances of technical difficulties as was experienced August 12 and the morning of August 13, customers can still always reach us by email at

Thanks again for all your patience and understanding!

EGAN Medical Phone Lines Down

EGAN Medical Phone Lines Down Aug. 12 & 13; Customers Asked to Call Temporary Number

We have been experiencing some phone hiccups with our main line(s) – the (985) 635-4875 and (504) 554-0242 are both down for the time being. We expect to have them back up and fully-operational no later than mid-day tomorrow (Wednesday, August 13, 2014).

In the meantime, customers can reach EGAN Medical’s main customer support line at 228-263-5863. We have already posted this number on the website, so if for any reason you have any questions or otherwise need to get in touch with us please call the 228-number.

Please note that this is a temporary phone number, and we will post an additional update once our two mail lines have been fully restored and customers can once again reach us at our traditional phone numbers. Once again, the temporary number is as follows: (228) 263-5863.

EGAN Medical Customer Support Phone Number

Thank you for your patience and continued understanding. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, and would like to reinforce that we have secured a temporary line for customer service until such time as our main lines are restored.

The nature of the outage appears to have been a technical glitch which occurred while we attempted to perform system-wide upgrades across our entire technology suite. Again, we expect to have everything restored within the next 12-14 hours from the time of this posting.

Language Translation Widget Debuts at EGAN Medical

EGAN Medical Website Now Available in 44 Languages Thanks to Translation Widget

EGAN Medical is pleased to announce that the medical equipment, supply, maternity care and nutritional supplement retailer now offers a full site (and/or single page) language translation widget which is capable of translating the entire website (or just a single page if that’s all that is needed) into nearly four-dozen languages (44 in all) spanning the entire globe.

EGAN Medical Translator Widget

The site translator is located on every page of the website just above the categories in the left-side navigation column. As visitors scroll down to look at the full selection of products, read a product description in-full or watch a product video, the translator will remain in approximately the same position it had been in relative to the site relative to the monitor, sliding downward as the visitor scrolls down so that it’s always in view. The translator widget can be moved by clicking down and holding the mouse button (left button for PC users) and dragging the widget to the desired location.

EGAN Medical Offers Site Translation Into 44 LanguagesWith an ever-expanding international customer base, including now customers in more than 40 different countries from every inhabited continent across the globe, EGAN Medical CEO Peter Egan stated in a news release that the company “owed it” to its non-English speaking customers to offer translation services that would enable them to read the contents of the website and individual products, shipping terms and so forth in their native tongues, whatever they happen to be.

“We value all of our customers, regardless of where on this planet they happen to have been born or wherever they happen to reside”, said Egan.

“We have customers in at least as many countries as we offer language translations (44), although I’d have to check our records to get the exact number. We’ve got customers in all 50 U.S. States, a strong customer base in Canada, Western Europe has a number of customers in each respective country, and we’ve got a surprisingly high number of customers in Middle Eastern countries. Occasionally, we’ll even receive an order from places such as Russia, China, India, Western Europe and Latin America. We have a number of customers in South Africa, leaving South America as the only continent from which we’ve only received a few orders. We’re definitely hoping that offering full-site translation into both Spanish and Portuguese will help open up the South American markets to our fine products”, Egan added.

EGAN Medical’s extensive line of maternity supports makes up a plurality if not a majority of the company’s international sales. That being said, it should come as little surprise that the most commonly purchased products among customers residing outside of the United States are the V2 Supporter (a support for vulvar varicosities), the Prenatal Cradle and Best Cradle (adjustable Prenatal Cradle), respectively, according to the company CEO.

The only potential caveat is that anyone viewing the site on a mobile device will have to switch over to the full site (some refer to this as the ‘desktop version’), as the translator widget does not appear on the mobile optimized site. Nonetheless, the full site isn’t hard to navigate when accessed from a mobile device, and many customers actually prefer the full-featured site to the mobile site regardless of the type of device used to access the EGAN Medical website and online store.

Translator WidgetWhile the main EGAN Medical website and online store ( can be fully translated into literally dozens of languages including but not limited to Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese and even Arabic (plus 38 additional languages), the feature has not yet been made available on the official EGAN Medical blog (this website/blog), or for that matter any of the company’s older blogs and social platforms.

There is a plan to implement either the same or a similar feature at this, the official company blog. However it remains unclear if other EGAN web presences will eventually don a translator, an uncertainty which includes among others the EGAN Medical Blogspot, WordPress and Tumblr blog presences.

Pregnancy Signs

Signs You Might Be Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the three primary defining stages of the human reproductive cycle (the other two being sexual intercourse and childbirth). The (on average) nine month period spanning from conception (the fertilization of a woman’s ovum by a man’s spermatozoa) to childbirth are among the most memorable periods of any mother’s life.

PregnancyWhile pregnancy entails the full range of emotions, a great deal of physical pain and discomfort as well as the greatest euphoria a woman can experience, the one constant with regard to pregnancy that applies to every single instance since the first human pregnancy to the most recent and every one in-between is that it is a life-changing event.

Pregnancy tests are not accurate until several weeks post-conception. Those first few weeks can be filled with anxiety, fear, joy and lots of questions about the prospect of becoming pregnant and how will impact the life of the mom-to-be as she had previously known it.

Luckily for those women who absolutely must know immediately and for whom the thought of waiting until a pregnancy test can ultimately confirm or deny the presence of a developing fetus inside the uterus, there are several signs that can help answer the question of “Am I pregnant?”. For Pregnancy Signsthose ladies who suspect they may have become pregnant but aren’t certain and for whom insufficient time has passed between the suspected time of conception for a pregnancy test to be effective, the presence of some or all of the signs listed below can help to quell the curiosity factor until such time as a definitive answer may be obtained.

Until such time as over-the-counter pregnancy tests can provide an accurate answer, women who want to know if they are pregnant can generally ascertain a relatively good idea one way or the other by looking for the certain signs and symptoms outlined below, which generally manifest themselves in the earliest stages following conception.

Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

The following is a brief list of some of the more common signs that women experience in the first few weeks following conception:

  • Nausea and Vomiting - Often referred to as “morning sickness”, this particular term can somewhat misleading insomuch as the fact that the nausea and vomiting is not exclusively limited to mornings nor any particular period of time after waking.
  • Inexplicable Fatigue - Excessive tiredness, fatigue and in some instances general weakness (for example, opening a child-proof container of anti-nausea medicine may suddenly become a difficult task).
  • Unusually Frequent Urination - This sign is fairly self-explanatory, generally occurring more at night than throughout the day. If experienced in the absence of the other signs listed above and below, if may be wise to consult a urologist just to be sure the frequent urination isn’t the result of a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).
  • Food Cravings - Cravings that in many cases reach a point bordering upon being an obsession is yet another sign that a woman may be pregnant. One distinguishing characteristic of these cravings is that they are not necessarily centered around foods that are staples of the woman’s diet or even foods she eats with any degree of regularity.
  • “Chadwick’s Sign” - Darkening of the cervix, vagina, and vulva.
  • “Goodell’s sign” - A softening of the vaginal portion of the cervix.
  • Breast Tenderness - Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Darkening of the Areolas & Nipples - The result of a temporary increase of certain hormones, this begins shortly after conception and continues throughout the pregnancy.
  • Missed Period - A missed period is generally a tell-tale sign of pregnancy, however some women do bleed within the first few weeks following conception.

Since pregnancy requires the mom-to-be to adhere to very strict dietary and behavioral guidelines which often require the woman make significant changes to diet and lifestyle, it is strongly advisable to at the very least conduct an over-the-counter, do-it-yourself pregnancy test if not schedule an appointment with an obstetrician.

Pregnancy Test

By being on the lookout for and recognizing aforementioned signs, symptoms and various other indicators that fertilization may have occurred, a woman can determine whether or not taking an actual pregnancy test and/or making an appointment with her obstetrician is in order.

Luckily, most women who are of sound mental health and would not experience any issues with denial (some women for whatever reason convince themselves that they aren’t pregnant – in a couple of well-documented incidents, the women didn’t even know they were pregnant until going into labor) won’t have to worry about learning of their pregnancy after developing vulvar varicosities (aka: “vulvar/vaginal/pelvic/pubic varicose veins”). That particularly uncomfortable and unsightly condition, which has been the focus of several entries at, typically does not manifest until long after a woman learns of her being pregnant.

Early Pregnancy Signs: First 2 Weeks

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EGAN Medical Celebrates Third Birthday

EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply Newsletter

The Official Customer Newsletter of EGAN Medical Equipment and Supply

EGAN Medical Equipment, Inc – Newsletter #1

Happy Birthday to EGAN!

It is with tremendous excitement and gratitude that we have the privilege of being able to announce that EGAN Medical turned three years old at the beginning of May, 2014! We’re now officially older than the majority of companies founded in the United States. All things considered, we’re very excited about our prospects for the future and to celebrate this joyous occasion we’ve put together some very special deals for the most important people in our organization — our customers.


EGAN Medical

It’s been an exciting journey. We’ve ridden out hurricanes together, transitioned from a brick-and-mortar business serving a local community to a cutting-edge online retailer and distributor competing globally. In 2013 and 2014 alone, we shipped packages to such places as Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, China, South Africa, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Samoa and Puerto Rico just to name a few. We are truly honored to have been able to serve such a diverse array of customers from literally all corners of the globe.
Anyway, without further adieu, here are our other big announcements in this, our very first customer newsletter:


  • HUGE SAVINGS on Pamela Egan brand Vitamin D3 5,000 IU Supplements!
    Vitamin D3
    Every day, there seems to be a new study hitting the news showing a correlation between low vitamin D levels and an increased risk of disease and/or a correlation between vitamin D3 supplementation and a decreased risk of developing seemingly every disease and illness known to mankind (keyword being seemingly). Numerous studies have chronicled the importance of vitamin D3 supplementation for women who are pregnant and nursing, showing that D3 supplementation improves the health of both mother and baby for both the short, medium and long-term.  View Product – D3 5,000
  • FREE tube of Scar Gel with every purchase of Loving Comfort Postpartum Support!Postpartum Support
    Now receive a 100% FREE tube of Dr. Sheffield’s Scar Gel when you purchase a Loving Comfort Postpartum Support to aid in your recovery following childbirth. With consistent use, Dr. Sheffield’s Scar Gel helps reduce the appearance of scars resulting from cuts & scrapes, stitches, burns, insect bites, acne and most importantly surgery and stretch marks. So whether you delivery via C-section or vaginal birth, a Postpartum Support and accompanying free tube of Scar Gel will help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body faster than you ever thought possible!
    • Postnatal and Baby Care Supplies on the Way!
      EGAN Medical is pleased to announce that we will be adding a variety of postnatal care and baby care supplies to our catalog. Customers who previously purchased any maternity belt, vulvar varicosities support brace or pregnancy cradle (abdominal/back support for pregnant women) from EGAN will automatically qualify for a special coupon code exclusively for loyal customers. The decision has yet to be made on whether this line of products will be made available at or if we’ll launch a new site called EGAN Maternity specifically for maternity care, postnatal and baby care products. To find out where to go to take advantage of these savings once the products become available just keep doing what you’re already doing — reading the EGAN Medical newsletter as this is where we’ll first make the announcement and newsletter subscribers will receive a larger discount than customers who find out about the loyalty discount from social media or one of our blogs.
        Well, that’s all the exciting news we have in this, the first-ever EGAN Medical email newsletter. I’ve often been asked why we haven’t sent out newsletters in the past, and the answer is simply that I’ve personally had to change my email address at least a dozen times over the years because of all the spam mail I’d get, half of which I wasn’t even aware that I had signed up for. While any future such newsletters will be infrequent, we do intend to make this a permanent component of our marketing strategy. However, you can rest assured that we’ll never share your contact info with any “partners”, and we’ll only email you if we’ve got something really important such as the announcements above.

Thank you to everyone reading this for choosing EGAN Medical, and I sincerely hope we are lucky enough to earn your business in the future!

EGAN Medical Equipment, Inc.
124 E. Second St.
Long Beach, MS 39560
(504) 554-0242

Medium V2 Supporter on Sale!

V2 Supporter Sale!

Who:  EGAN Medical
What:  V2 Supporter Sale
When:  Now through May 10
Why:  Just Because
How:  Use Coupon Code “V2MED15” (Case-Sensitive, Enter Without Quotes!)

EGAN Medical to Host 2-Week Sale on Medium V2 SupporterV2 Supporter - Fembrace

EGAN Medical has decided to offer some customers suffering from vulvar varicosities a break from the medical supply store’s already unbeatable prices on maternity belts, pregnancy cradles and supports for vulvar varicosities (vulvar/vaginal varicose veins). Before everyone suffering from this dreadful condition get excited and run to go buy a V2 Supporter (do this anyway – from EGAN Medical – and be sure to read the following first), the two-week promotion available exclusively at EGAN Medical’s online store ( beginning April 26 and running through May 10 applies only to purchases of (size) Medium V2 Supporters. The other three sizes (Petite, Small and Large) will remain at the same low price as always, which has been confirmed to be the web’s lowest steady price at just $39.90 (compared with $55-$60 when purchased through EGAN’s competitors). Customers who enter coupon code V2MED15 at checkout when purchasing a V2 (product code: ORMT-V2S) in size medium will save $1.50 off of the normal price (normal price is $39.90, promotional price comes to $37.40).

V2 SupporterThe V2 Supporter is an award-winning undergarment with a patented design. Its purpose is to relieve symptoms associated with vulvar varicosities while helping to heal the affected area. Visually speaking, the V2 is actually rather sexy, according to our customers as well as at least one female staff member.

To the best of our knowledge the only similar product on the market is sold under the name of “Fembrace”, or “V Brace” (same product). The Fembrace / V-Brace is priced at $73.99, and is an inferior product both in terms of visual aesthetics (they look like “granny panties”) as well as functionality. This product is not available at this time at EGAN Medical because our customers have had overwhelming praise for the V2 Supporter, and we pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest-quality products for the best possible prices.

V2 Vulvar Supporter (V Brace)

Offer is void where prohibited, and is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada (and the rest of the world if such promotions are not prohibited by law where you reside) ages 18 years and older.